I Am Thankful For…

Thankful – feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

For the last couple of nights, I have been in deep thought.  I had a chance to sit back and reflect on what has been my life.  For the most past, I will say that I have been very fortunate on how everything is turning out.  You know how during Thanksgiving holiday, you are at the table and you tell your family/friends what you are thankful for?  Don’t reflect on what you’re thankful for once a year, make it a regular habit.  For every time you are having a bad moment or day, always imagine that it could be a lot worse.  Imagine someone who has it a lot worse off than yourself.  Imagine someone who is less fortunate than you are.

I took the time to brainstorm some things that I am thankful for.  Here are the top five things I am thankful for:


My immediate family has been the most supportive during my life journey.  No matter what hard times arise, I will always be thankful to have them around me.  I am thankful to have a family that loves me and manages to be behind me no matter the circumstance.

Strong Circle of Friends

You know they old saying friends come and go? I can honestly say that a good majority of the people who I call friends have come an stayed.  People that I have known since elementary school are still apart of my life, which I can be thankful.  I can be thankful for the many new people who I have met through college and professional endeavors as they have helped me to become a more confident and strong-willed individual.

A Young, but Successful Career

With the amount of college graduates not being able to find a job after graduation, I am thankful that I was able to get a job within my field after I received my first degree.  Ever since my first job within my field of study, I have been able to build upon my education and work experience in order to reach another plateau in my career.  I know that I have a long way to go to get to my destination, but I cannot be mad at the foundation that I have built so far.

Words from the Wise, or Experienced

Everyone makes mistakes in life.  However, the question is: Can you learn from other people in order to avoid making the same mistake?  I am thankful for the amounts of people who have given me guidance or even advice in order to make my situations better.  There are some people who are reluctant to give others advice or even lend a helping hand when needed, so I am fortunate for the ones who have given me guidance.

The Ability to Live Another Day

I don’t know when I’m going to leave this Earth for good, and I’m pretty sure the rest of you don’t know either.  This is why I am thankful to wake up and live another day.  Nothing is promised in life, except death.  I have learned to live each day with the utmost gratitude and be fortunate for the time that I have been given to live.

Now ask yourself:  What are you thankful for?