Motivation: What Motivates You?

Motivation -the state or condition of being motivated; something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

Ask yourself this simple question: What motivates you?  Think about for a little bit.  There is something that motivates each and every one of us.  Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, there could be a wide range of factors that equates one to get a job done.

I hear people saying that others around them gives them motivation.  People who won’t stop at nothing to prove that you cannot succeed; people who believe that they are superior to your existence; people who say that you cannot accomplish something just because they could not do it themselves.  There finally comes a point where you feel that you have to prove yourself to others who doubted you.  You start working extra hard to overcome the naysayers.  This is where motivation kicks in.

Your sources of motivation could come personally; more specifically: family members.  This relates to me very specifically, especially when I lost my cousin lost his life to senseless violence.  This event motivated me in two ways:  1. To stay close with my family members no matter what constraints lie between us; 2. To succeed in college in remembrance of my fallen family member.

One last source of motivation that I will talk about is regarding the future.  What does the future hold for you if you accomplish your goal?  For example, do you see yourself coming out better financially?  Do you see yourself improving physically?  Motivation can come from realizing the end result of all the preparation and work you will need to sacrifice.

Overall, motivation can come from many different sources.  I tend to find something all the time to motivate me.  I tend to be more focused when I’m motivated.  As T.I. said in the song Motivation:

“If God with me, who could be against me sucka? Can’t make me suffer, just make me tougher (It’s motivation)”