Undervalued & Overlooked Music Artists

The above album artwork is from Raheem Devaughn’s debut album The Love Experience. I just got finished listening to one of his songs off the album called “Breathe”.  During the middle of the song, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t Raheem Devaughn get more exposure to the listeners of music community?”  Why are people still asking who is Raheem Devaughn to this day?”  I quickly realized that Raheem Devaughn is and will continue to be an undervalued artist within the R&B genre due to the inability to fit the “criteria” to be a commercial success.  Ironically enough, iTunes started playing Mint Condition – Pretty Lady (feat. Charlie Wilson), who has overlooked by many listeners for the last 20 years.  The same questions that I asked regarding Raheem Devaughn I applied to Mint Condition with pretty much the same answers.

Remember Lathun?  You know, the one who sung “Fortunate”?  I guess you probably don’t, since a lot of people don’t remember who he is.  This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Unfortunately, he only had one album and quickly faded out of the music scene.  Here is his song here:

What about Remy Shand who came out with the album The Way I Feel? Some of you might remember this song.  Where was his shining light?

Now, I understand that some artists are overlooked because they might not make quality music.  However, the above artists deliver nothing but quality music. Here are some other artists who I feel should have received more commercial success for their ability to deliver excellent quality music:

-Anthony Hamilton, R&B artist
-AZ, Hip-Hop artist
-Chamillionaire, Hip-Hop artist
-Common, Hip-Hop artist
-Egypt Central, Rock group
-Marsha Ambrosius, R&B artist
-Little Brother, Hip Hop group
-Kem, R&B artist
-Goapele, R&B artist
-The Roots, Hip-Hop group

I know there’s a lot more artists/groups that I am missing, but I’ll leave it up to you to think of some more names.


The Ultimate Vacation

“You stressing everyday cause the way that you living. See it in your face ain’t no faking the feeling.  We can get awayyyy and be chillin, we can get awayyyy and be chillin”

Listening to this song makes me want to go on that ultimate vacation and just chill.  Get away from the everyday stress and struggle of everyday life.  I went on my first real vacation last year to Miami, Florida.  Going to MIA was one of the most liberating experiences in my life, especially at a time where I was both working and going to school full time.  Just seeing so many different people enjoying themselves under the warm weather made me feel like I was in paradise.  Don’t forget about the women too: they were beautiful. 

Even with the goodness that was Miami, I feel that this was not my ultimate vacation.  My definition of an ultimate vacation is somewhere I can go to enjoy the great weather; a place where I can meet local people and listen to their stories of their everyday life.  My ultimate vacation would be somewhere I can ease my mind and relax without worry.  My ultimate vacation is a place that I can say without a doubt that I would come back time and time again.

I definitely want to go on another vacation sometime soon.  There are so many different places that I want to explore.  The Earth is a phenomenal place, and it’s a shame some people do not realize the good that’s out there. 

My Question(s):  What is your definition of an ultimate vacation?  What places do you plan to visit within your lifetime?