This blog is intended to get out many of my thoughts on a wide range of topics.  This blog is not intended for one set audience or one set topic; I want this blog to be as diverse as possible.  Why?  Because we are all diverse people.  There will be viewpoints of mine that some readers will approve or disapprove of.  That is fine, as long as it’s not out of ignorance.

Why the name Writings of a Hidden Gem?  I decided this name because I feel that I am a hidden gem.  I feel that I am someone who gets overlooked due to not fitting the popluar image that everyday media and society likes to portray.  I’m not making a big fuss or complaint, it’s actually a good thing.  It’s a good thing because those who actually get the time to listen/read my thoughts get to be apart of something special, something unique, and something gemlike.

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