Regaining “The Fire”

The Fire

So, it’s been 57 days since my last blog post.  There has been a lot of things that have occurred in my life since that time.  One thing that I will admit during my hiatus is this:  I lost my creative fire to post to the blog.  It almost seemed as if I thought to myself, “This blogging thing might not be for me after all”.

There would be times where I would log on just to check to see if there were any new viewers, but I never had the urge to hit that “New Post” button.  It felt like that I just didn’t have it anymore.  Like an athlete who had an illustrious, but fulling career and finally realized that he/she could not go on any further.

However, I realized that within in heart:  there’s so much more that I need to write about.  There’s so many more topics that I need to talk about.  There’s many viewers that actually enjoy reading some of the things that I post about.  I can’t start something and not have the will to finish.

The everyday grind that is life does eventually take a toll and drives you away from things that you enjoy.  Until that time, I will be here.  Hopefully, you will be to.