Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

I haven’t written in about a week, and that short period of time seemed like an eternity.

All the way up until I started college, I always had a problem with stepping out of my comfort zone.  I will honestly say that I was worried about what other people would think of me if I did something that was “atypical” of my normal actions.  I hung around the same couple of people throughout school, usually no one else; I always pursued the same hobbies; I never had the interest to venture out and explore other things in life.  The reason why was because I was comfortable, contempt, and closed-minded.

That was until I got to college:  my mindset about life in itself changed.  Many discussions with different people made me realize that in order to achieve many goals and overcome obstacles, I needed to step out of my comfort zone.  I needed to take some risks that I wasn’t accustomed to taking in the past.  I needed to explore many different options that life could take me.  This didn’t mean to act like a wild child or be reckless, but be more open to new opportunities.  As my late friend said, “Life is short.”

I hear a lot of people refer to stepping out of the comfort zone in the aspect of dating. In my opinion, stepping out of your comfort zone can be applied to many different aspects of life.  For example, instead of going to the same nightlife spots, I started venturing out to places that I never even heard of previously.  I started traveling to other states close-by in order to experience something different from what I’m used to.  There were times where my openness succeeded, and there were times where it failed.  It doesn’t really matter; at least I was willing to try something once outside of the normal behavior.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can apply to the type of people you interact with regularly.  College was a good way for me to communicate with people of different ages, races, and backgrounds.  Yes, the people I saw in high school were similar in characteristics to those I saw in college; the difference was that I was now more open to the possibility of learning more about people who I interacted with that were different from me.  I will definitely say that I’m glad that I got to have these experiences.

Stepping out of my comfort zone took me a while to do because I used to think that doing something different from the norm would not benefit me in any way.  I’m glad that I left that mindset in the past.  Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone in order to achieve something greater, something close to oh so far.  This involves taking a risk.  Are you willing to make that jump?


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