Father’s Day: Mixed Emotions

Taken from Urlesque.com

It’s currently 12:28 AM, and I realize that it’s officially Father’s Day.  I want to recognize all of the fathers around the world who are making positive impacts in their children(s)’ lives.  There are many times where fathers get the brunt of a lot of criticism of not being there for their children, and overall not present.

I’m happy to say that I know a couple of my friends who are good fathers to their children; and I hope that they will remain good parents.  I have always believed that it takes more than one parent to raise a child.  The presence of a father figure is essential.  Now myself, I don’t have any kids as of yet, so I can’t really celebrate Father’s Day in its entirety.  As a matter of fact, I won’t be celebrating it much at all.

My Father’s Day will consists of these thoughts:  1. Where is my biological father? 2. Why couldn’t my step-father be the father figure that I desperately needed?

I’ve never gotten the chance to meet my biological father.  No letter, no phone call, no nothing.  Does it hurt?  Every time I think about it.  Why couldn’t he acknowledge me for being one of his own? I would always talk to my mother and ask why I never saw my biological father.  Even with the answers given to me, I feel that it’s absolutely no excuse to not see the son you help birthed into this world.  I don’t care if you decide to leave my mother relationship-wise:  at least show me that you care.  Unfortunately, he did not as he has not made any attempt to contact me.  I strongly feel as this point in my life even if I did meet him, I would never acknowledge him for more than just a man who brought me into this world, that’s all.  I would have some very hurtful things to say.

I watched the movie Taken the other day for the first time.  There were many different messages I took away from the movie.  The main message that I interpreted from the movie is that no matter how far (emotionally and physically) you are from your children, be there for them when they need you the most.  Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson, was there for his daughter, no matter if she was in a different household, or even if she was trapped in Paris, France.  That’s the type of love I never received.

To all of fathers out there:  be there for your children if it allows you to.  You know what, forget that:  be there no matter what. I know that when I have children, I will do everything in my power to lead my children in the right direction.  It’s a damn shame that many fathers don’t care to be there.  To the fathers that are doing good, I applaud you.  Happy Father’s Day.


2 Responses to Father’s Day: Mixed Emotions

  1. TONIxoxo says:

    Love the post. Every day, but especially on Father’s Day, you realize how many people really are affected by the lack of a father figure in their lives. I am blessed to have a father. Even though he wasn’t physically during my teen years (he was a diplomat so his job required him to constantly travel) he was there emotionally and did the best that he can do while overseas.

    I’m sure that even without that involvement you wished that your father had in your life, that you are proud of how far you’ve come and all that you’ve achieved. You do have a father. She just happens to be your mother as well 🙂

    • Eric C. says:

      I know a couple of my closest friends who grew up either not knowing their father, or having limited contact with him. I just wish that my biological father was present to see some of the positive things that I am doing in my life. I just want him to realize that I am still here. No matter how far away you are from me, I am still a part of your life.

      My step-father has been apart of my life for a good majority of my life. However, after many ups and downs, I don’t know whether to consider him as a father-figure. I know that hurts in many ways, but there has been things that I have gone through with him to make me make that statement.

      I’m glad to hear that your father was apart of your life. I’m pretty sure he will be consistently apart of your life forever, as a parent should.

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