Gym Music

As I go the gym, I now see more and more people with MP3 players, and even CD players (Hey, they’re still relevant). The adrenaline rush that music gives you while lifting those heavy weights or running on that squeaky treadmill offers enough to get your workout done. At times where I would bring my iPod, I would also bring my my Sony headphones (see image below):

I would feel like a doofus everytime when I would work out, and my headphones would come off while trying to do my last couple of sit-ups. Yes, I know that I could use those earbud earphones, but I don’t like they way they feel deep in your ears (that’s a whole different story). After a while, I said screw it and I do not bring my headphones/iPod anymore.

When I brought my music to the gym, I tend to play my custom “Gym Playlist” made for working out. My playlist currently consists of 284 songs (and counting). Here are my top 10 favorite gym songs:

1. Krayzie Bone – World War
2. Jadakiss feat. Styles P – Shoot Outs
3. Nas – Made You Look
4. D12 – Fight Music
5. Juelz Santana – 2nd Coming
6. Trapt – Headstrong
7. Chamillionaire feat. Bun B – I Know Ya Mad
8. Lil Wayne – BM Jr.
9. Creed – Sacrifice
10. Eminem feat. Nate Dogg – ‘Till I Collapse

My question(s): Do you bring a media player with you to the gym? If so, what are your favorite gym workout songs?


One Response to Gym Music

  1. S. Pants says:

    I shuffle through albums from: Crystal Method; The Chemical Brothers; The Prodigy; LCD Soundsystem. Do check out the _free_ music from [adult swim] which is great high-energy stuff for getting pumped. I forgot about D-12, definitely adding them to my playlist. Without big thumping beats I’d probably just curl up and fail.

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